Ring’s solid DIY security system is a lot like the original – Video

[MUSIC] .Today I am gonna be reviewing the new ring alarm security kit and deciding if it’s as good as the original one.
All right, so let’s start off with the hardware.
I am reviewing the $250 eight piece ring alarm security kit.
The options range from a five piece $200 kit on up to a $330 14 piece kit and then ring also makes it security access.
Threes available all the cart if you wanna scale up.
The first and core piece of hardware is this guy right here.
This is the base station or hub.
You can connect this to your router over Wi Fi or via the included Ethernet cable.
That ring includes And this is just a power adapter tethered device that you wanna put somewhere where you can hear the built in siren.
So that’s the main piece of functionality that you’ll actually interact with on a regular basis.
This sounds the built in siren If you know a security incident happens, and it also sounds this little chirp when a door or window is open via the sensor.
So, I’m just gonna do that really quickly right now let’s listen.
The next piece of hardware is the thing you’ll be interacting with the most.
This is the keypad.
It looks different than the last one but also kinda similar it has the keypad because you’ll be asked to create a secret four digit pin to arm and disarm the system which we’ll enter here.
And then at the top, it has disarm Home and Away modes that you can set ,and along the side here are one time.
Touch buttons to contact emergency services.
That one touch thing is is a new feature for the keypad.
[MUSIC] The next piece of hardware as this little plug in range extender, pretty basic.
You wanna put this between your router and or the ring base station and the rest of your ring alarm.
Security kit devices to make sure that they’re communicating optimally and working as they’re supposed to.
[MUSIC] Then in terms of actual security devices this kit comes with one motion sensor this is redesigned from the original kit.
I don’t really Mine’s the original and this is also fine.
So I have really no preference.
It’s it’s new and it’s fine.
So that’s that.
And then with this kit to round out the eight piece kit that I got, I got for Darwin.
Window sensors.
That was that trip you heard before.
Setting up and using the ring app is thankfully also as simple as before.
You’ll download the app if you don’t already have it.
You’ll create an account if you don’t already have one.
And then you’ll select Set up a new device.
You’ll follow the prompts.
You’ll say I want to set up the ring alarm security kit.
It’ll say.
Say great and walk you through all of the steps from start to finish.
In terms of hardware again, it’s similar to what ring offered before.
The slight Li redesign aesthetic is not noticeable enough for me to really care or think that it’s an improvement but I liked what they had done before.
So it’s fine.
The main thing that stands out with the system as with the last one is its value.
Eight pieces of hardware for 250 bucks is is really good and $200 for the five piece starter kit is exceptional.
It’s a really, really great Entry point into DIY Home Security and for that reason the original kit was my favorite budget DIY home security system and this one is going to become my new favorite budget DIY home security system because you just can’t beat that value For the functionality, yes, some of these devices look a little cheap and plasticky, but they actually feel really sturdy and I’m pretty confident that they would last for years to come.
[MUSIC] Out of the box this system is self install and self monitor.
So you know, if a security incident happens, it’s really up to you to contact law enforcement either through those one touch buttons on the keypad or with your phone as as you would normally.
But ring does also make available an optional $10 per month or 100 bucks per year professional monitoring service, so if you do subscribe to that It’s contract free.
There’s no early termination fees.
And a remote team is tracking your system for you.
So if that same security incident happens instead of you having to contact emergency services yourself, Ring will reach out to you.
They’ll ask if everything’s okay and if it isn’t, then they’ll contact.
Tact emergency services for you.
It’s just an option that you can use or not as needed.
[MUSIC] In addition to that, the system also works with third party devices and other ring devices.
So it’ll work with Yale locks.
It’ll work with bringing video door bells, the ring indoor cam.
So you have other options if you wanna scale up in that way.
And then it also works with Alexa.
RIng is owned by Amazon so that’s pretty much a given.
[MUSIC] Overall I really like this kit.
I think it’s as good as the last one.
I don’t exactly see why this is considered a second gen model to be honest.
The the minor design updates and the one touch buttons.
The one touch buttons are nice but the design updates don’t really do much to enhance the system.
And then ring, thankfully maintained the same price level.
The original five piece kit was 200 bucks just like this one, eight piece kit 250 bucks so they kept the value, so I have no complaints.
More just a little bit of confusion as to what makes this really new and next gen but, Again, I liked the old one.
I like this new one.
This will replace the old one as my favorite budget DIY home security system and I think it is a good option for anyone who is looking to get into DIY Home Security is maybe a little daunted by the options and want something simple and affordable.
Thanks for watching.